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Charis teaches a variety of different styles and levels of yoga including Vinyasa flow, power yoga, beginner and advanced. She is excellent at adapting her style of teaching depending who is in her class whether its a room full if lawyers who have never done yoga before or a completely mixed bag of advanced and beginner yogis where she needs to provide different variations to suit everybody.  


1-2-1 Yoga Classes

Private Yoga sessions in London or Chelmsford, Essex, at home, the park, the gym, during your lunch break, wherever and whenever you wish!


Yoga Classes

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Corporate Office


Reverse the negative effects of desk sitting with office Yoga classes for your staff in London or Chelmsford, Essex.

About me

Hi, I’m Charis, a yoga instructor and personal trainer. I started my career in the fitness industry in 20012 as a personal trainer. I have since also become qualified as a yoga teacher and have worked as a yoga teacher and PT in a variety of luxury health clubs and private members clubs.  

I'm always updating my knowledge of health and wellbeing. 

I teach yoga in corporate offices regularly and have an excellent understanding of how to improve posture and wellbeing for stressed and busy desk workers.   


My Yoga Teaching

During my private 1-2-1 or office yoga classes, I like to start by encouraging a reconnection to the breath which will then be connected to movement. We will then spend some time on movements designed specifically to reverse the effects of a sedentary and stressful lifestyle, specifically a deskbound, office environment.

Once we’ve loosened up the body its then time to work on building strength with slow and controlled alignment based yoga. Ending the class with 10 minutes of guided meditation to guarantee you’ll leave the class feeling calm and content. 

If you are looking to start your yoga journey or bring yoga into your workplace, please get in contact with me today.

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2018 MLC​


Private & Corporate Office Yoga Teacher, London and Essex.


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